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2.8 (Dueeotto) is a quarterly publication entirely dedicated to sport photography. It’s not a magazine, it has no written content, but visually highlights the tension and competitive spirit of athletes and the joy of sport around the world. Their mission is to raise sport photography to a higher, more recognized form of art. That’s why it calls on a community of photographers who want to translate into images, stories of sport and athletes, their ability to overcome limits, their dreams, their strengths and their fears. 2.8 publishes works from best photographers in the world, known and unknown. The feature photographers are World Press Photo award winners such as Donald Miralle (featured on 2.8 3rd issue) or talented, lesser known photographers who reach out to join the project. 2.8 is open to all those photographers who have intense stories to tell about sports and life. The printed version is widely available and distributed in selected bookstores in Italy, Amazon Europe, on their website, and distributed by Ubiquity Distributors in the USA, ebook version is distribuited on ITunes Store and through main online stores. 


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